One of the most common questions I get asked at in my practice is a concerns people have when considering the cost of therapy is, "How many sessions will it take?" Frankly, there is no way of telling.  Depending on what you want out of therapy, the length of treatment can be as brief as 10-12 sessions to see real results, or continue for months and even years.  Many people find therapy so useful that they continue for longer than they had planned.  Often, people come in with one specific issue that needs to be addressed, but in the process of therapy discover that there is much more to talk about.  The mind is powerful and extremely complex, and no one can predict how quickly or slowly an individual will respond to therapy.  However, this is not to say that treatment with me is open-ended.  In my private practice, I like to set real world goals that will help us evaluate if the therapy is working and when to end treatment.
7/6/2022 08:12:33 pm

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